Cleaning & Staining

Cleaning and staining your wood deck will help protect wood, reduce environmental build-up and add color & water repellency.   

We use:

  • TSP and bleach as detergent on heavily soiled/algae covered decks.

  • We use environmentally friendly oxygenated bleach (Oxyclean) where possible.

  • Water based PPG brand stains and sealants. 

  • We apply stains using an airless sprayer for more uniform coating. Tarps/shields are used to prevent overspray. 

  • We back brush following spray application to ensure wood absorbs stain properly and to minimize drips & start & stop marks. 

  • We can restore many decks with older/cracking/splitting wood using thicker products. Product fills in cracks and leaves smooth, barefoot friendly surface.

Please call (502) 895-5974 for a quote.

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