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Cleaning & Staining

Cleaning and staining your wood deck will help protect wood, reduce environmental build-up and add color & water repellency. We use environmentally friendly oxygenated bleach (Oxyclean) as detergent to loosen dirt & kill algae prior to pressure washing.  

We use:

  • TSP and bleach as detergent on heavily soiled/algae covered decks.

  • Water based Porter Paint brand stains and sealants. 

  • Stains, applied using electric airless sprayer for more uniform coating. Tarps/shields are used to prevent over spray. 

  • A padding & push process on stains to push into wood following spray application to ensure wood absorbs stain properly and to minimize drips & start & stop marks. 

  • Rustoleum brand Deck Restore product on decks with older/cracking/splitting wood. Product fills in cracks and leaves smooth barefoot friendly surface.

Estimated cost of cleaning/staining deck measuring 16 feet wide by 8 feet deep by 2 feet tall including handrails is $675.00. 
Stain will need to be re-applied on flat (horizontal) surfaces every 1-3 years, depending on how much direct sun deck gets. Vertical surfaces (handrails, sides of deck) tend to maintain their color longer.
Estimated cost of using Deck Restore product for same size deck: $2450.00. (Deck Restore should last 5-10 years. Learn more.) 

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