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-  All wood pressure treated pine which will not rot and is insect resistant. 
-  Long lasting cedar pickets and rails also available.
-  Post holes are set at least 24 inches deep to prevent frost heave (post forced up when ground freezes).
-  Posts set in concrete.

-  Post holes are triple checked/reviewed to make sure fence line is straight and posts are plumb (or level sideways).

-  Rails are screwed to posts to avoid pulling apart from over time.
Hot dipped galvanized, exterior-grade nails used to secure pickets to rails (leave no "teardrop" rust).

-  We use stainless steel nails for cedar pickets and rails to avoid “teardrop" rust.

-  Fence will naturally turn gray over time but maintain structural integrity (does not require ongoing maintenance).

-  Fence can be painted or stained if desired.

-  Gates come with free adjustments if needed.


  • All pricing is approximate and based on specific parameters of each project.

  • Structurally enhanced gates start at $275.00.

  • Please see below for prices of different styles of fences.

Black Aluminum Fencing


This aluminum fencing offers great visibility, unlike many privacy fences. It is also incredibly durable and long lasting. This fencing starts at $52 per linear foot. A standard gate can be added for an additional $375.

Privacy Fences

The Norbourne

The Norbourne is a 4-foot-tall privacy fence and a new addition in 2023. It is accompanied with solar lights on the posts that require no maintenance, only direct sun. The above images show the finished side with framed in pickets and a cap board. The back side is very simple, only showing rails and pickets.

The Norbourne starts at $52 per linear foot. 

The Kennison

This 6-foot-tall fence is our most popular design. These images show the finished side in addition to the back side with posts and rails. The Kennison starts at $42 per linear foot. For example, a 100-foot fence around a typical yard is generally $4,200. Gates can be added to fences, starting at $275. Check out our Gates Galley for ideas.

The Dayton

The Dayton is a  6’ tall  “shadow box” fence. It’s a neighbor-friendly fence with pickets on both sides.

When you look at it straight on you can't see through it, but at an angle you can.

This is also a wind friendly fence. Pricing starts at $49 per linear foot.

The Westport

Finished Side View


Back / Inside View

This is a 6’ privacy fence with exposed 4 x 4 posts, a “picture framed” top and bottom,

with cap board on the very top. The Westport starts at $75 per linear foot.

The Hycliffe

The Hycliffe is a 6’ privacy fence with a concave design cut between posts. There are no caps

on top of the posts. This fence design goes from 6’ tall at the top (posts)

to approximately 5’ 4” in the middle. The Hycliffe starts at $52 per linear foot.

The Grandview

This is the convex version of the Hycliffe. This fence is generally 6’ tall in the middle and 5’4” at the posts.

The Grandview starts at $52 per linear foot.

The Staebler

This fence is becoming more popular. This can range from 3’ to 7' tall. Made with treated-poplar, horizontal boards, this makes for a substantial privacy-fence option. This fence starts at $72 a linear foot based on 6 feet tall.

See our photo gallery for more images of horizontal fence designs.

The Winchester

This 4’ tall wood picket fence is used to enclose yards and does not offer privacy.

The Winchester starts at $36 per linear foot.  We offer two different styles of pickets.

The traditional dog ear picket (sides cut out on top of picket - left & center photos) or the

more contemporary French Gothic style picket (last photo) for a slight surcharge.

The Lexington

The Lexington features a concave design between posts with no post caps. 

The picture shown is approximately 5’ tall on the high side,

dipping to 4’ tall in the middle. The Lexington starts at $52 per linear foot.

The Hanover

The Hanover is also known as the Kentucky 4 board horse fence. It features a horizontal design using outdoor treated poplar wood species as rails, vs our traditional exterior treated pine. The Hanover can also be built with a wire insert to keep animals enclosed. The Hanover starts at $42 per linear foot. The wire insert version starts at $52 per linear foot.

The Brookfield

This is a more finished looking fence on both sides. It has sandwiched pickets with rails on

both sides and a cap-board on top. The Brookfield starts at $55 per linear foot.

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